We help brands centralize all of their data in a custom, visual dashboard. Also, we help accurately forecast inventory without replacing any solution (using AI + a Human Data Analyst).

Companies we work with experience higher revenues, lower costs, and thousands of hours saved from manually forecasting. Also, our centralized dashboard helps you see the health of your business in real-time across all of your data sources + spreadsheets across a variety of metrics. Our solution comes with software + a data scientist (yes - a real human!)


Who We Are

Whether you are using google sheets and various software solutions to keep track of things, we can help save you time + money. Our team of data scientists work with high growth e-commerce brands, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

Schedule a call to learn more about how we can either improve your inventory issues in 40 days or less here OR help you centralize all of your data in one place: https://calendly.com/loversofdata


Alternatively, you can email me at bilal@loversofdata.com.