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Your partner in Data Analytics

Our team of data engineers + scientists setup, track, and uncover actionable insights from your data.


We Build You Custom Visual Dashboards & Reports

Often times our data lies in several different platforms, software solutions, and spreadsheets and because of this fragmentation, it's difficult to get quick + quality insights which impacts key business decisions. Furthermore, having fragmented data leads to companies spending lots of manual + unproductive time downloading reports from these different solutions and then trying to stitch them together to make sense of it all, week over week. 


Fortunately, we build you custom, visual dashboards that tie in all your data from your various data sources so you never have to manually spend time downloading + analyzing reports. It's fully automated on our end so you can get quick + quality insights in real-time and make the best business decisions. We are experts in Google Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, & Looker. If you have other data visualization platforms you prefer, chances are we've worked with them. 

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We clean your data and help you on Data Management

Clients come to us with various data sources that are often times outdated + have glaring errors. We help clean up your data so it's reliable and ensure that there's always a source of truth. 


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Companies don't understand the story their data is telling them and hence, miss out on making the most informed business decisions backed by data. Executives come to us and tell us they want to understand why churn is happening, what actions people take before they churn, why is the lifetime value of customer segment A lower than the lifetime value of customer segment B, etc. Whatever questions executives have about their business, we'll dig deep into your data and provide you those insights so you can make the best business decisions that can drive top line growth, reduce your cost, help you acquire customers more efficiently, and so on. 

You can essentially 'rent' our Data Analysts on a month by month basis. Think of us as your Go to Business Intelligence Leads. 


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Product or Marketing Analytics Implementation

If you need help on setting up events, funnels, and dashboards on mixpanel/amplitude/etc, we can handle end to end integration as we've done with numerous web + mobile products across a variety of industries including SaaS, E-Commerce, Fintech, & more.  


On the marketing analytics side, if you need help setting up marketing funnels, joining both marketing + product data under one view, or integrating with the right marketing attribution partners (appsflyer/adjust/measured/singular/ruler analytics/etc) to calculate marketing ROI, we can help.


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Auditing & Configuring Google Analytics 4

If you need help preserving Google Universal Analytics Data and/or either auditing or setting up GA4 end to end, we can help as we've worked with over 100 clients. 

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Reducing Your Cloud Computing Costs

On average, we help companies lower their cloud costs by 20%-70% across a variety of industries. We are experts in GCP, AWS, and Azure. Our focus spans expert guidance, technical implementation, performance optimization, security, & compliance. You can learn more here:

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