We predict optimal inventory levels to meet demand using machine learning & predictive analytics

We help you meet demand with a high degree of accuracy without replacing your existing ERP or inventory management solution.

Our team has helped many manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce brands, and wholesalers with demand forecasting, price optimization, and much more with the power of machine learning & predictive analytics.


Who We Are

Our team of data scientists work on process automation, reporting automation, and applying machine learning to uncover valuable insights from your data.

We work with supply chain managers, retail buyers, procurement managers, inventory managers, & demand planners to optimize inventory management so you can avoid stock-outs, reduce holding costs, and meet lead times consistently and reliably. 

We do all of this without replacing your ERP or existing inventory management solution. 

Schedule a call to learn more about how we can improve your inventory issues in 90 days or less here: https://calendly.com/loversofdata

Alternatively, you can email me at bilal@loversofdata.com.